- Licensed for 20 beds
- Wound Care
- Hospice Services
- Swing bed program
(Physical Therapist, Activity Director, Social Worker)
- In-Patient Pharmacy
- Laboratory
- X-ray and Imaging Services
- Digital Radiography
- PACS System
- Associated with Stonewall Rural Health Clinic
- Outpatient IV Therapy
- Outpatient ultrasound DMG (bi-weekly)
- Cardiac Rehab
- Member of Big Country Regional Advisory Council

- Emergency Room
- Access to ground and air emergency services
- Helicopter Pad

- Pastoral
- Classes and Events (click here for more info)

-Medicaid enrollees are not eligible
-Medicare enrollees without supplemental policies are eligible
-This discount program does not include any outsourced services that are not a part of the Stonewall Memorial Hostpital District (i.e. Radiology Associates, Abilene Pathology Laboratory, etc.)
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Physical Therapist
 Director of Rehabilitation Services

Raised in Aspermont, Tammy attended Aspermont ISD from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Tammy obtained her undergraduate requirements from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.  She was accepted into Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Physical Therapy program where she graduated in May 2000 with her Master of Physical Therpy degree.  Tammy worked at the Wound Care Center at Abilene Regional Medical Center for two years before she transferred to an outpatient PT clinic at the hopsital in Sonora, Texas.  Tammy and her family moved to Aspermont in the Summer of 2006.  She developed the outpatient PT clinic which opened in December 2006, and also provides therapy services to inpatients, swing bed patients and to Gibson Care Center residents.  Tammy serves as Director of Rehab over physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

You do not have to travel out of town to receive quality physical therapy.  You have the right to request the facility of your choice for care.  Please consider SMH for your physical therapy needs.
Physical Therapy is an important part of range of services offered by SMH.  Physical therapists work with people of all ages in preventing injuries and in restoring function following illnesses or injuries. 

Our physical therapist can assist you with:
-Joint and Back
-Balance Problems
-Wound Care
-Neurologic Disorders
-Degenerative conditions affecting mobility
-Muscle wekness/injury
-Much, much, more

If you think you may benefit from PT, talk with your physician or call the Physical Therapy Department for more information.

SMH offers occupational therapy services to inpatients, swing bed, outpatients and to Gibson Care Center residents.  The goal of occupational therapists is to enable patients to fully participate in the activities of everyday life despite an illness, injury, cognitive impairment, developmental or learning disability or other disease/disorder.
Developing, improving, or restoring daily living skills such as self dressing, self-feeding and independently accomplishing personal hygiene; interacting with others; or becoming ready to return to work and the community are all tasks addressed by our occupational therapist.

Our occupational therapist can also assist you with:

-Orthopedic rehab of the upper extremity (arm/hand)
-Repetitive injuries | prevention and rehab
-Arthritis Management
-Adaptive Equipment
-Neuro Rehab

If you think you may benefit for occupational therapy services, please talk with your physician.  Remember, you have the right to choose where you receive these services.  We hope you choose Stonewall Memorial Hospital.

SMH offers Speech-Language Pathology (Speech Therapy) to our inpatients, swing bed, outpatients and Gibson Care Center residents.  Speech Therapist (SLPs) serve patients from birth through the end of life. 

A SLPs scope of practice includes:
-Speech Delays and Disorders
-Language Delays and Disorders
-Cognitive, Memory, Comprehension Deficits
-Swallowing/Feeding Difficulties

These disorders and delays may have an array of causes such as, developmental difficulties in babies and children, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Tramatic Brain Injury, Closed Head Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, Vocal Trauma, laryngectomy, and many others.
SMH is proud to be able to offer Speech Therapy by Janell Miller, M.S. CCC-SLP, a local resident of Aspermont.  Janell graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with her MS, and completed her Speech-Language Pathology degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2002.  She has experience in pediatrics and geriatrics, and has worked in nursing homes, home health, hospitals, school systems, early childhood, and outpatient clinics.  
If you think you may benefit from Speech Therapy services, talk with your doctor or call the Rehab department at SMH for more information.

The Alternatives Program is an intensive outpatient mental health program for Senior Adults devoted to providing opportunities to explore, address and find healthy alternatives in coping with life stressors.

Treatment is focused to address each individual's mental health issues on an outpatient basis. Services include individual, family and group psychotherapy. Our licensed clinicians also provide case-management and discharge planning services.

Areas of Concentration

- Grief and Loss Issues
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Coping Skills
- Cognitive Stimulation
- Stress Management
- Health and Wellness Education
___ - Medication Management
___ - Mental and Physical Exercise
___ - Nutritional Consultations
___ - Activities of Daily Living
___ - Substance Abuse
___ - Home Safety
___- Community Resources

Payment for services are usually covered by Medicare and most commercial insurances.

Complimentary lunch and snacks are often provided and transportation can be arranged.

For more information regarding The Alternatives Program, please contact the hospital at: 940-989-3551.

Tammy Gentry